Ccleaner Professional

CCleaner Professional

This is my daily favourite tool because I’m using it daily to make my computer perform faster and with 100% efficiency. Did you know that this is the world’s number one tool in cleaning computers all over the world boasting of two billion downloads all over the globe?

Benefits for those who will use this:

Faster computer – makes your computer perform like superman.
More free space – it removes all unwanted files that are trash and have been used already as logs by programs.
Fewer errors & crashes – my computer does not crash at all if you will believe this?
Safer browsing – this is one tool that makes sure you are safe from virus, malware and even registry error brought about by constant installation and uninstallation of various programs.
Quicker startup – even without any extra tool just this program, you have a faster startup. Faster startup means you can do a lot of things in less time. Quick response from your computer and more productivity for you.

The Software Bundle Includes:

Real-time monitoring – you can monitor what is your computer doing on the background and helps you foretell what error will it commit next time to avoid it.
Scheduled cleaning – automatic scheduled cleaning you name the day, time and customized settings of cleaning and it will do it for you without complaints.
Premium support – it comes with premium help, guides and prioritized support.


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